Jim Wadsworth: Founder, Author, Editor, and Webmaster

I was born and grew up in Washington State. I spent 26 years of my life overseas working as a Christian volunteer. I lived and worked in several countries around the world, including Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, India, Pakistan, and Thailand.

I'm responsible for all aspects of the work on the PBA website, except for some help with the design and logo. (Up till now pretty much a one man show.)

Because of a chronic health condition known as CFIDS  I had to return to the US and am presently a partner in a small business that I am managing.

I decided to put this website together in the hopes of being a help to others. My intention is to share my own personal experiences that others may benifit from those experiences as well.

I've also put together other resources regarding overcoming adversity that I thought would be helpful. My prayer is that this website can bring hope and inspiration to those who are in need of encouragement.


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