The Benefits

Sickness and sorrow come to us all,
But through it we grow and learn to stand tall—
For trouble is part and parcel of life,
And no man can grow without struggle and strife,
And the more we endure with patience and grace
The stronger we grow and the more we can face.
And the more we can face, the greater our love,
And with love in our hearts we are more conscious of
The pain and the sorrow in lives everywhere,
So it is through trouble that we learn how to share.

By Helen Steiner Rice
That's certainly food for thought. Here are some benefits that I can think of that I have gained from going through adversity.
Balance: Because of the many experiences I've had where things have worked out in the end no matter how difficult they seemed, I can cope better with the ups and downs of life.
Compassion: I'm compelled to do something when someone is suffering because I've been there and know how it feels.
Determination: I've seen again and again the positive results of hanging on with all that's within me until I reach the finish line, and each time has strengthened my determination for the next time to not give up.
Direction: Passing through difficult times has given me a better perspective on what is and isn't important.
Empathy: I can put myself in someone else's place and feel what they're going through, having been through similar experiences.
Happiness: When sharing from my experiences helps to encourage others, I experience happiness from knowing that I'm needed and can make a difference in the lives of others.
Kindness: Having been in someone else’s shoes, I feel for them and have a desire to reach out and help them in their time of need.
Love: One of the greatest benefits of adversity for me is how it has helped me be more loving. I'm more able to relate to others in their difficulties. I'm more sensitive to others when they are suffering. I have experiences that I can share to comfort and encourage them. Interacting with others in a loving way brings about positive results for them and for me.
Patience: I have more patience because of the many times I've had to wait and trust that something good would come out of my difficulty.
Peace: I've learned that life is made up of times of relative calm and times of turmoil, and that these work together to make my life complete. Realizing that all that comes into my life can benefit me helps me get through the difficult times with more inner peace.
Persistence: As a scientist would view an unsuccessful experiment, over the years I've learned to look at failures and setbacks as unsuccessful attempts that bring me one step closer to finding out what will succeed. Each time I've used failure as a stepping stone has strengthened my ability to persist in reaching my goals inspite of failures along the way.
Purpose: Going through tough times adds purpose to my life by opening up the possibility for me to be an encouragement and help to others who are passing through a difficult time in their lives.
Resilience: It's easier to bounce back when hit by adversity, knowing from past experience that most often I've come out better in some way or another in the end.
Strength: Muscles are strengthened through exercise. Likewise, character is strengthened by going through adversity.
Success: Each time I've worked through adversity instead of letting it defeat me, my confidence has grown. That, in turn, has put me in a better position for future successes.
Wisdom: I've become more skilled in applying the knowledge I have in ways that enable me to get more out of life.

Worth: I have experiences that I can share with others that can help to give them understanding in how to deal with their difficulties.

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